Raising Black Boys to Men

A Mother's Guide to Raising Thugless Sons

Education Is Priority #1

Across the United States, less than 50% of young, Black males graduate from high school. Many of them in the twelfth grade read at a significantly lower level than their counterparts.

It’s really sad that many young, Black men are allowed to graduate from high school without a proper education. They’ve been pushed along in school, for one reason or another, because no one cared enough about them, to invest in their future.

While in college, my daughter had classmates who couldn’t write good, grammatical sentences, let alone write an essay. This is incomprehensible!

A lack of education impacts the quality of living and limits opportunities for success. What type of employment is available for someone who can barely read or write? Education allows a person to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. Without education, the road leads to nowhere!


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