Raising Black Boys to Men

A Mother's Guide to Raising Thugless Sons


Hey, I appreciate you wanting to know a little more about me!

I’m a mother of 3 sons and a daughter, who are now young adults leading their own lives. While raising my boys, I would get the same response from other parents, who knew one of my sons: “He’s a wonderful young man,” “I love your son.” The responses from those parents were the inspiration, which gave me the idea to write a book: “Raising Black Boys to Men: A Mother’s Guide to Raising Thugless Sons.”

Although, I majored in journalism I had never written a book before. But, the idea was such a burning desire I couldn’t let it go. So, I made the commitment to sit butt in chair, and write from my heart on the trials, successes, and errors in raising my boys to men.

I hope my words will bring you a little laughter, give you food for thought, and provide you with a little wisdom. Accept my words for what they are: my own experience.

Best to successful parenting!


You can check out the book at: http://my.bookbaby.com/book/raisingblackboystomen

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